New Gen 5.5 Mibo A-10

Dear all.

This is a blog introducing the new Mibo Gen 5.5 A-10.



Although the kit has been on sale for a couple of months now, it took me some time to get the pictures of the upgrades and modifications to show you.

The Gen 5.5 main features are:

  • Lighter layup and maximum thrust allowed 140N.

A couple of areas where optimized with a different carbon fabric and orientation. A slight change in bulkhead design and position enabled a slightly lighter aiframe.

  • Main gear struts molded from Epoxy resin.

This reinforces the attachment points of the gear doors. The door pushrods are now 100% scale.





The dampers are now 3 spring progressive units instead of previously 2.

The brakes are upgraded to larger gen 2 discs with 5 holes. However max braking weight is still limited to 25 kgs/ 55 lbs.




  • New install kit for Behotec B-100F with streamlined 6 degree pipe.

This optimizes the trust line and virtually eliminates the pitch down effect found on bigger engine options. Also since the thrust tube is streamlined with the engine, no thrust loss is present . This setup provides the same thrust level as the 140 N engine with a weight saving of about 4 lbs ( lighter engine, no ballast weight in the nose, smaller fuel tanks ).

The picture below shows the areas modified from the previous gen in grey.



 B-100F installed:



  • MIL Spec loom: this option is available for the B-100F ( engine loom ) and the servos ( conventional receiver type loom ).

Engine loom:

It uses our MIL SPEC light weight silver/ PTFE wires as well as 12 way USC connectors for the pod interface. The loom is protected with our high temperature MIL spec wrap-around sleeve and labeled at both ends with aero grade printed heat shrinks. All connections are machine crimped and labeled.

The fuselage pods can disconnect within seconds with 1 plug, rendering maintenance and transport very easy.

A view of the engine pod USC which connect COM, starter and plug power lines.



An engine accessory tray is provided with a set of turbine accessory holders fro the B-100F. It houses the JMP Medium air traps, ECU, pump and valves. It is placed in front of the fuel tanks and main wing bulkhead for CG optimization.

The long tubes to the engines are on the pressure side of the pump. Tubing upstream the pumps are of minimal length and use large bore Tygon to avoid cavitation.



Servo loom.

It consists of 3 harnesses. Right wing, left wing and tail.

The wings are connected with our 20 way USC. The fuselage side is using a flanged plug that is screwed with two button head sheet metal fasteners.



The wing side is using one floating male plug.



The 20 way USC connects: all wing servos, the LEDs, the gear lines, the brake lines. No other connection is required.

The tail loom uses one 16 way USC plug. It connects: 2 rudder servo, 2 elevator servos, 2 LED lights.

The loom comes fully crimped and protected with our MIL spec wrap around sleeve.

It is fastened into the fuselage by the means of our PYCABS clips.



All the servo plugs are machine crimped JR type industrial grade MOLEX branded. All servo ends are labelled with aero grade printed heat shrink labels.


The wrap around ends are stabilized with woven heat shrink tubes and siliconed. The loom can be opened, modified and re-closed at the user's convenience.


  • New scale accessories: A new top fuselage antenna is provided.

The new antenna kit is as below:


  • New LED kit:

The new kit includes 100% scale 3D printed wing tip and tail light fixtures. The LED kit is now utilizing only super high brightness LED lights and is unique on the market. It is triple the power available on the previous set and requires a dedicated 2S Lipo pack due to the high amp drain of the LED.



A new wing tip light feature is 3D printed to house the new high power LED.



The nose gear taxi lights are re-worked and a bit more scale.

  • New operating side hatch for switch. This side hatch has been made operating to enable fitting your main switch ( RX switch ). It features a piano hinge and magnet.



  • USB Servo mounts: the kit comes with a set of PYCABS printed servo brackets custom sized for the JR 8711 servo which is the recommended item for this plane.


  • Deceleron: Fully functional split ailerons are being tested right now and will be released very soon.


Here is a video of dry fitting the A-10 out of the box:



And a few detail pictures: