Scorpion Mk2 assembly day 5.

 On  day 5 I had the time to fit the rudder, flap and aileron servos and setup the control links.

The servos fit tight into the plastic cover, however I added a thin line of Sikaflex silicon glue to the top strap to secure them a bit more.

When you need to remove the servo for servicing, just pass a blade below the strap to cut the glue and remove it. Easy.


Here is the rudder servo with the bracket/ silicon before fitting.

Once the servo is in position, just prepare the control horn: a quick scufffing of the gluing surface and a few hole is all what is reaquired before fitting.



I used Hysol E-20NS for glue the horns in position. This is the perfect glue for this job:

For the rudder servo pocket, you'll need to create a slot for the servo wire, depending on what servo brand/ type you chose:


The rudder servo was connected using our custom loom. An EWC3 plug and flat clip is provided to secure the cable into the fin.

The same job has to be done with the flaps and aileron servos. Quite straightforward. Similarly, an EWC 6 is supplied in the loom for each wing. 

The length of the threaded rod as well as total pushrod length is indicated in the builder's manual as well as control calc sheet.

Here is a picture of the aileron servo fitted.