New production facility.

This is a small view of our new production facility.


100,000 sqft on 3 floors.

6 CNC machining centers, including a 6 axis router of 30 foot by 15 foot by 10 foot capacity.

20,000 sq foot laminating room surface.


Our new paint booth:


Our new milling robot.


Siemens operated Kuka KR240 with 3100 mm reach.
2 tons
80 degrees per second on all axis with 240 lbf of torque.
0.08 mm repeatability.
12 kW quadruple bearing spindle.

A beast that can mill plugs at 2000 mm per second...



Our latest additions:


An ultra large Kuka KR500 milling robot on a 30 meter rail:



Perfect for milling full scale wings, spars, rocket components...


And a large CNC router on Siemens drive and controllers:


4 meters by 3 meters with aluminum and carbon fiber milling capacity in wet phase or vacuum extraction. 30 kW quad bearing spindle...