MIL spec transmitters

Here is a short introduction article to our new offering: MIL spec transmitters.

These are available as MIL spec or hobby spec with camo scheme.

The hobby spec with camo scheme are the regular BAT 60 transmitters with new camo colors.
Available are:

Green digital camo

Grey digital camo

Sand digital camo

These are mat finish with a rubberized carbon fiber bottom.

As a reminder, these transmitters offer some unique features like:

. 96 channels
. Up to 3 receivers configured in parallel for max 62 servo outputs
. A unique ramp system with the possibility to configure the bottom 25% of the throttle ratchet as a proportional spring loaded brake control
. Quadruple redundancy transmitter battery system with the possibility to hot plug a charger during the flight
. Integrated gyros in some receivers ( BAT 60 support coming soon )
. Integrated sequencer ( BAT 60 support coming soon )
. A unique professional grade user manual and programming manual written in-house
. USA support and service

The MIL spec transmitter offer the following upgrades:
. Full aluminum gimbals
. Vibration motor for alerts
. Ground station enabled
. Dual screen configured
. Near eye display enabled