Editing servo curves with the BAT interface.

Editing the servo curve with the BAT UI is a different method than Gigacontrol. As easy to do in fact.
I like presets a lot. Most of the time I come to realize that I just need 4 points along the curve to align multiple flight controls. The preset gives me the ability to edit 4 points on the curve really easily.
Here is the method I use.

First enter the curve edit mode.



Then select the non-global option ( to edit the curve with point, not to move the whole curve ).



Then enter the preset menu.



Select the 4 point curve preset.



Then move the current point along the curve with your stick or knob till you reach the point you want to edit. It will highlight with a thin red circle.




Then hit the "select" button. The highlighted point will turn solid red.



Now you can adjust the output value with the "+" and "-" keys. Note that you will need to keep your stick at the current position to check the effect on the point live.



Every point can be edited quickly with this method.