Merlin M100XBL

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This engine produced by JetsMunt in Spain, is a real bargain.

It features the second best price-to-power-to-weight ratio in the 120N to 140N category, just behind our B100F. Furthermore, it is the first engine in the world having a 100% digital control chain!

For more information about price-to-power-to-weight ratio, please refer to my blog: Choosing the right engine for your application.

The build quality of the engine is outstanding and it is the first of its kind on the market: it features fully integrated fuel valves, EGT sensor, XBUS digital serial com bus with super high cadenced ECU processor, a new brushless digital starter motor AND brushless digital pump.

The engine setup is rendered extremely easy and only requires to plug a 3 wire connector and one fuel line!

The ergonomics of the integrated Xicoy ECU is excellent and setting up the remote control input is a matter of seconds.


The following benefits are induced by this setup:

Electronics and software Features:

  • The new ecu utilizes a super highly cadenced processor. Setup ergonomics have been improved from previous generation software.
  • The increased processor frequency enables the ecu to run a full control loop ( sensor processing and engine control output ) 500 times per second. This gives a very smooth and precise control. Startup and and RPM control are fast and precise. RPM measurement resolution is now 10 rpm and EGT is read with a precision of 0.5ºC.
  • The ECU features a data recorder function that stores the relevant engine parameters every 0.5 seconds.It keeps the recorded data of the last 50 minutes run time, independently of the number of startup cycles.
  • The serial bus enables fully digital com protocol to the engine and is extremely robust to electromagnetic noise.
  • Automatic battery detection:  Supports 7,4V Lipo and 9,9V A123 batteries automatically.
  • Integrated sensors:   The sensors are contained in the same board as the ecu, reducing the possibility of failure to a minimum as this is the cause of the most usual problems on standard engines. The temperature sensor is installed internally on the engine. It is well protected, reducing the possibility of damage.
  • Integrated valves:  The solenoid valves are part of the  fuel system inside the engine, reducing the tubing and wiring to a minimum, reducing cost as well as reducing greatly the possibility of failures and installation errors. 
  • Ergonomics of Ecu, sensors, fuel igniter and valves have been thoroughly designed. They can all be replaced  WITHOUT FULL ENGINE DIS-ASSEMBLY, making the maintenance very easy.
  • The NEW brusless fuel pump include a ball bearing motor for long life and precise fuel control. Thanks to this innovative design, the fuel pump can be installed in vertical position or in a bulkhead, without the need of a special support. It is 100% made in-house at our factory.
  • Auto restart function

Engine Features:

  • Small engine size and lightweight construction.
  • Design has been primarily focused on a reliable and easy setup for users that are new to turbine models. The engine has a thrust output of >140N (>31,5lbs)  ideal for bigger jet trainers like our Angel or the Super Scorpion. It can power adequately models up to 40 lbs weight.
  • Special attention and care have been taken during the development to ease of use and the installation in the model and to increase the reliability to a maximum.
  • The internal kerostart system is of an all new design and features a fully automated start procedure.  Start cycles take an average of 45s from the pilot command to the engine running at idle, ready for take off.
  • Low operating temperature enable a long life and fast acceleration time, rendering the control of the plane in critical situations like  go-around much easier.
  • JetsMunt have made a big effort to compensate for the weight of the integrated components. The end result is that the weight of the engine including the ecu and valves has been reduced from other models of similar size to only 950gram.(2.09lb).  As the external components needed for the operation of the engine have been reduced to only the fuel pump, the total installed weight of the installed engine, including the engine support,  fuel pump and fuel filter, is only of 1.080gram (2.38lb). Including the suggested battery (not supplied) (7,4V/2500mAh Lipo) the total weight rise to only 1.215gram.
  • The Jets Munt range of engines runs on NON TOXIC synthetic 2 stroke motorbike oil ( 2TJASO FC or better) to keep a clean environment and avoid organophosphate poisoning. This oil is easily available locally. Ultimate Jets supports engines that do not burn jet oil and do not produce organophosphate neuro toxines.

  • Standard service interval is recommended at 25h

Benefits of the 100% digital link:

The super highly cadenced ECU processor coupled to the high bandwidth Xbus digital serial bus enabled to pilot brushless digital starter motor and fuel pump pole by pole.

This means the following for the starter motor:

  • A much higher starting torque giving a more position clutch engagement and less clutch and o'ring wear.
  • A punchier starting thanks to the motor torque.
  • A more positive starter motor disengagement.
  • A more clever piloting of the starting cycle.

For the pump, the following benefits are achieved:

  • A very precise control of the fuel metering since the ECU can pilot the pump pole by pole and control resolution is 1 RPM! Fuel metering s now to the milliliter!
  • A very fast change in the fuel flow output. The fuel flow is monitored 100 times per minute and precisely altered as soon as change in the combustion cycle is detected
  • In practice this means a much more stable combustion cycle. This is especially important for operating the engine in extreme outside air conditions. Very cold or very warm and humid, as well as in high density altitude conditions are not a problem for the new engine. Also, Idle regime is even more stable than before.
  • The brushless pump itself is a professional grade type. It features two ball bearings, automotive seals and reinforced pump gears.



We are a certified Jets-Munt dealer and provide a full USA warranty, support and repair coverage at our Houston facility to all our customers.