Aerospace titanium/ stainless/ brass ball link

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This is a ball link of the highest quality, designed in the USA by Ultimate Jets.

It is precision threaded to Metric size and built from aerospace grade 316 stainless steel, with precision brass insert and titanium nitrite coating.

The material is certified to 75 000 PSI tensile strength.

Maximum radial load:

900 lbs for M3

1000 lbs for M4

1200 lbs for M5

Increased lateral load and tightness by 150% compared to our high temperature stainless 316 ball link (  seen on the left below ) thanks to a thicker ball encasement.



Ball play certified: 0.025 mm radially maximum. 

Thread fit is certified at 6g.

It is a perfect match to our aerospace grade threaded rod that offers a tensile strength of 75 000 PSI.

Combined to the above threaded rod, you will have a pushrod that can hold in excess of 1000 Lbs while maintaining great tightness at the ball for minimum play! 


High temperature SS316 ball link on the left, titanium/ Stainless/ Bronze ball link on the right. M4 versions.


.All 3 sizes thickness shown below: