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The UAV CG machine is the third generation of the Xicoy device specifically designed to be used with UAVs.

It will let you check the weight and CG of your vehicle up to 100 kgs, with your smart phone within a few seconds. Our Ultimate Jets certified machines also allow to do this with a fantastic precision of less than 2 mm/ 2 grs !

As such, this is an essential accessory to industrial and professional.


All of this is achieve through your phone's screen via a tiny BlueTooth module that connects to the scales with regular servo cables. The files can be sent by email to your PC for auditing and to create proper weight and balance sheets ( electronic spreadsheets supplied with the machine ).

The device consists of 3 gen 3 precision digital mini scales ( 2 g resolution, made in Europe ) and 20 cm cones, connected to a small BT device

the cones allow to place the vehicle on the scales without the need for a landing gear.

Gen 3 scales feature a new set of aluminum covers with 2 screws for added stability, a slightly different seating on the measurement beam and a different base.


The mobile phone software is designed to give you:

1. The total weight of the model ( up to 100 kgs ).
2. The distance of the actual CG from the reference CG position.
3. Weight to subtract/ add at a given location to obtain the reference CG.

The procedure to use the device is as followed:
1. Setup the model name
2. Enter the position of the wheels towards the reference CG
3. Enter the position of the nose ballast bay
4. Set the model on the scales
5. Follow the indications on the screen to add/ remove weight.

The main app screens are:

1. Model setup

2. Angles page:

3. CG page:

4. Setup page:

Our Weigth and Balance log is suplied with the machine. It will enable you to record the CG location, flight characteristics, influence of fuel, smoke fluid, gear position. A very useful tool to rapidly nail your CG position after the test flight and audit your customer's vehicles...


Optional angle sensors are available as well to connect to the central unit and record your throws on all control surface. This comprises of 3 angle sensors precise to 0.1 degree.


The CG cones are precision 3D printed to fit exactly the machine base.




Every single CG machine set is matched, adjusted and calibrated in-house. We create a serial number for every set and use a precision weight for calibration. Every set comes with a Ultimate Jets calibration certificate and our unique Advanced Procedures Manual that explains how professionally use the machine to achieve precise and dependable results.


We certify our product for the following:

Resolution of 2 gr/ 0.04 oz per 20 kg/ 10 lb.

Drift of 1 per 1000 per 20 min ( 5 grs per 5 kgs per 20 min ).

App store link;

Google Play store link:


Included in the set:

3 mini digital scales

One set of 3 cables

One BT module

3 cones of 20 cm

1 weight and balance spreadsheet

1 Advanced procedures manual