1/7 F-8 Crusader serial tanks

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This is a set of 4 Crusader kevlar tanks designed to be plumbed in series .

The tanks are ultra light weight and vacuum molded.

A specific internal membrane is laminated and provides fuel proofing.

The 4th tank is used as an air trap and can be equipped with a solid brass tube ( 1/2 of the last tank capacity available ) or semi flexible viton tube ( 70 % of the last tank capacity available ).

The kit comprises of:

4 kevlar tanks

4 Cloudtech tank stoppers

4 UHF clunks

4 Viton tubes

1 section of brass tube

1 plated paper filter/ air trap


A full complement of push-to-connect Pisco fuel fittings in 6 mm OD

A set of Frethane PU fuel tubes cut to length

PYCABS 6 mm tube clips



This kit is super fast to install.

The split in 4 units allows to optimize the quantity to 5 liters while reducing the risk of stuck clunks.