Angle sensor mounts

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This is a set of 3 mounts designed to provide a high precision base for the Xicoy angle sensors.

These mounts have been CAD designed and feature the following:

  • A wide an stable base.
  • Inner ribs offering a positive stop for the sensor IC board, thus a stable positioning.
  • 4 inner dots of 0.5 mm that will make you feel that the board is clipped in position.
  • A recess that allows positioning of 4 sticky paste blobs to stick the sensor in position and prevent it from moving when the control is actuated.
  • Made from an orange transparent resin and laser precision printed to 50 micron resolution.
  • The transparent resin allows to see the status LED of the board.

Here is a view of the CAD file:

Here is a picture of the mount as seen from the top.

 And from the bottom.

With the board installed.

Note the recess left below the base. 



 That allows to place 4 balls of sticky paste.

 Here is the sensor placed in position. Note the blue status LED on the right corner.



Available as a set of 3 mounts.