Bird Control Services

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We offer environmentally friendly bird control services to the following:

. Airports

. Oil refineries

. Offshore platforms

. Waste management facilities

. Agriculture


Our service comprises of the following:

Evaluation of your needs

Evaluation of your environment/ zoological needs 

Operational requirements

Target results setup


Our solution is based on the Robird robotic falcon/ eagle.

This is a revolutionary ornithoptere that is extremely realistic. The design of this robotic bird has been made possible thanks to the latest CAD  and 3D printing advances.

The wings flap and flex at the same frequency as the real bird, thus creating a realistic propulsion.


The bird is remote controlled through a professional system. It requires the operator to mimic the flight behaviors of real falcons or eagles. 

We deploy a fleet of predators according to the requirements of our zoologists to make a certain zone of your industrial actitvity as " dangerous" to the perception of the local birds.

Birds are very intelligent animals with a great memory and acute visual representation of their environment. Once they have identified a zone as being the hunting field of a predator, they will tend to move to other areas within their reach.