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This new product is World first and an extremely advanced differential pressure sensor that integrates into the CAN interface of the ASSI unit.

It uses the latest design in electronics chips, which are the core specialty of Carsten. This device has been designed to measure angle of yaw ( slip indication ). It is extremely useful on dual engine setup or for advanced flight controller units. Additionally, this device can also be used as and Angle of Attack ( AOA ) sensor. It is designed to be connected to our AOA/ DP sensor.

It provides a differential pressure resolution of 0.0001 mbars and can detect an airflow angle variation with a 0.1 degree resolution. It also includes a TAT sensor (or total air temperature ).

Specific voice alerts can be set for the most relevant parameter threshold. Voice announcements are broadcast from the Android or Jeti device directly or sent to a Bluetooth ear piece at your convenience.