CAN-TEMP board.

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This professional board is designed to be plugged on an ASSI device and display up to 8 temperature channels via Futaba SBUS2 or Jeti Ex Bus telemetry.

Up to 4 devices can be directly chained on the Futaba SBUS 2 system ( port 1 to 4 ) and the Jeti Ex Bus for a total of 32 temperature measurement points.

If you do not have Futaba telemetry or an ASSI board, you can also use these sensors in conjunction with our CAN RF device and get the temperature readout from outside the vehicle on the beautifully crisp color LCD screen.

This system allows the use of up to 8 K type thermo-couples ( up to 1500 c ) and broadcast via industrial CAN bus as well as Futaba SBUS 2 and Jeti EX BUS.The sensors can be extended and placed wherever necessary in the airplane to map the heat signature of the design. This includes positioning the thermo-couple on the engine nozzle/ engine casing or inside the thrust tube!

This system has been designed for professional UAV designers and has already delivered an impressive amount of invaluable data to our teams.