Aerospace PEEK heat protecting cable sleeve

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This is a proudly made in the USA 1/2" MIL spec PEEK mesh sleeve designed to create custom looms.

PEEK is one of the most amazing thermoplastic available on the market. It crystallizes when produced to create long molecular chains and becomes extremely tough. The material has to be processed at extremly high temperature ( melting point of 350c ) and is difficult to produce due to its toughness. The best carbon fiber reinforced PEEK material offer the resistance of Al6061 at half its weight! This new material is extensively used in the Airbus A-350, Boeing B-787 and many military and space vehicles.

Ultimate Jets is slowly introducing this material to its line of accessories and the first product we proudly offer to UAV integrators is this outstanding super tough and high temperature resistant sleeve.







The sleeve complies with fire/ flammability standards MIL-I-23053. It is flame retardant and has a temperature range of -58/+500 F (-50/ 260 c ) continuous. Resists to hydrocarbons, acids, bases and most solvents.


The sleeve is expandable to let you slide the loom in. Sells by the foot.

Sells by the foot