Mibo Gen 5.5 A-10 fligth controls, gear and LED MIL spec loom

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This is a new option for the Mibo Gen 5.5 A-10.

MIL spec loom manufacture has become our specialty over the years and we developed specific processes for UAV and small vehicle harnesses.That has enabled us to offer world class looms to the industry. 

We now have the ability to make reasonably priced top of the line MIL spec loom for our models. The Gen 5.5 loom is an illustration of this.

This harness is the most complex and the most extensive we have ever produced. Here are a few statistics to illustrate this. It features:

15 hours of manufacture

250 crimps

30 meters of 20 AWG MIL spec silicon cable

0 welding


All the cables are professionally crimped on our specially manufactured plugged.

The wing plug features 20 connections. The loom is protected with our heat proof wrap around sleeve and consists of high quality Heavy Duty silicon servo wires.

The MIL spec plugs are sealed with a specific heat shrink.


The USC 20 is used for the wing and the flanged female plug is on the fuselage side.



The gear and flight control looms are routed on the left side of the fuselage, whereas the LED loom is routed to the right side of the fuselage.


Every cable bundle is protected with heat resistant wrap-around sleeve. As such the loom can be entirely dis-assembled and re-built at any point in the life of the model if required.

The harness includes regular male JR crimped plugs on the receiver side and regular JR female plugs on the servo side.

The loom is split in 3 harnesses at the front of the fuselage:

1. The receiver bundle that is routed to the front right side of the cockpit compartment, by the nose gear enclosure. The receiver is placed as much forward as possible to offset the tail heavy design of this plane.

2. The LED loom is routed on the left side of the fuselage. It goes to the LED controller that is placed all the way to the front, above the nose landing gear enclosure.

3. The landing gear bundle that goes to the Behotec controller, placed on the front cockpit bulkhead.


The loom is secured in the fuselage thanks to our PYCABS clips:

HD sero wire clips

1/2 inch wrap around clips

EZ clips 10 and 15

O'clips 10

We use our heavy duty silicon servo cables for all the wiring except LEDs.



The loom is built on order and requires a 4 week lead time.