Diamond 3D printed carbon fiber door kit.

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This is a complete set to upgrade the AD Diamond with gear doors.


The doors are printed from a proprietary PET carbon fiber mix that we call PETCAR. The doors are CAD designed and include 3D internal honeycomb reinforcements.

The CAM process allows for extremely rigid and light parts.


3d honeycomb is a revolutionary process that allows the stiffness of the honeycomb structure to be present in the x, y and z directions.



CAD also allowed me to include a number features into the design like door clamp reinforcements, liners , strut positioning imprint and control horns.

That makes the positioning and articulating of the doors on the plane very easy.



Here is a picture of the carbon doors as well as their clips:


One can see the different recesses as well as honeycomb filling through the super thin liner layer.

Here is a picture of the auxiliary gear door with the printed control horns:

And here is the nose gear door:


The clips are made from our PYCABS material, which is a proprietary blend of ABS and ballistic grade polycarbonate. They are slightly elastic and allow for a bit of flexing in the doors in case of a shock.

The clip structure is hollow so that it will act as a fuse in case of runway excursion to save the much more expensive carbon fiber doors.


The kit also includes the required hardware to setup the doors: our PYCABS Ultimate Servos brackets for the JR 3421 servos, a set of 3 miniature piano hinges with custom hardened steel pins and 2 mm threaded rods and ball links.

Here is a view of the auxiliary door JR 3421 and its PYCABS bracket in position in the gear bay.



A set of printed paper templates are provided for the gear bay cutting.


Installing the doors is pretty straightforward and includes the following steps:

1. Cut the skin according to the printed paper templates.

2. Tack glue the doors on the struts in retracted position.

3. Open the gear and screw the PYCABS clamps on the doors.

4. Glue the piano hinges on the auxiliary doors.

5. Glue the PYCABS servo brackets and hook up the doors

6. Program the servos stops.



The doors are extremely strong and sustains speeds of 300 mph/ 500 km/h without any problem at all.

Here is a video with high speed passes...


Diamond gear doors high speed test. from Oli Ni on Vimeo.