Digital CG machine cones

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This is a set of precision 3D printed cones that are put on the digital scale sensors to allow you to support your plane at any point without the gear down. 

It is an essential item for the following users:

  • Glider pilots
  • Warbirds that need to be balanced inverted
  • Airplanes with multiple tires ( airliners, bombers... )
  • Seaplanes
  • When one wants to check the influence of the gear retraction on the CG

The cones are CNC printed from PYBABS at tight tolerance and feature a conical base that self centers on the scale sensor.



The top of the cone is a 3/4 in flat surface that comes fitted with a felt pad.

The cone internal structure is printed from a unique honeycomb pattern to keep a maximum strength-to-weight ratio.


Sold by set of 3 in 10 cm, 15 cm or 20 cm length.