F-4D Skyray study airframe.

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This is the industrial version of our Frankel 1/5th scale F-4D Skyray.

This airframe is popular among universities for aerodynamics and structural studies. The F-4D Skyray has been one of the most efficient blended body aircraft ever designed.

It has been the object of many studies, including by the NASA for the design of the Space Shuttle program.


The model is true to scale and can be custom built to allow easy fitting of different types of sensors. We can typically fit vibration sensors, accelerometers, strain gauges, pressure ports on request from the customer.

Our Skyray allows study of hypersonic shockwaves for atmosphere re-entry on a small scale, thus reducing simulation setup costs.

Typical fields of study are shockwave propagation, vibration/ flutter analysis, re-entry trajectory and strategies for deceleration.

We can make the airframe from various material, including kevlar fiber, glass fiber or carbon fiber in monolithic or sandwich versions with Nomex/ PU/ PEI core with high temperature resins.