F-8 1/7 scale electric Crusader gear.

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 This is a set of hyper scale electric crusader gear for our 1/7 scale kit.

The gear is CAD designed by Oli and is using our now famous hybrid 3D printing/ machining process.

The retracts are bespoke designed and cut from an aerospace grade aluminum-titanium Alcoa alloy.  The main brace strut is 100% titanium.

The nose gear retract is sized for up to 40 lbs loads and include a 3/4" wide trunion, as well as direct servo steering ( MKS 747 or similar required ).

The main retracts are a very unique design and include a side mounted wall with direct-to-axle trunions.

All electrical units feature a 3 mm lead screw and double thrust bearing setup as well as gearbox saving soft stops.


The struts are completely in-house CNC machined on our Siemens milling centers to 5/100 mm precision. We are using 100% USA produced and certified Al 2024 T351 rated at 47,000 PSI yield strength and Al 6061 T6 rated at 35,000 PSI for all the gear components.


The hyper scale nose gear cover is laser 3D printed to 25 micron resolution and can be replaced in case of damage.

Main gear discs and caliper assembly are also 3D printed.


The tires are 3D printed in a black high abrasion resistant rubber. They are hollow but not inflated. A 3D graphene internal structure provide stiffness to the tire. This technique allows to save an amazing amount of weight on the landing gear.



This set comes complete with 3 gear painted in white color, the mounting hardware and our amazing LG 15 touchscreen controller with embedded gyros for steering heading lock and electric brakes differential compensation.