F-8E Crusader Y rack set.

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This is a set of 2 Y racks for the Crusader.


This is a must have accessory that defines the Crusader with its very specific shape.

The Y racks were designed to enable the Crusader to carry 2 Sidewinders without loosing any of its functions ( refueling probe, bombs, RAT... ).

This was extensively used during Vietnam war and is an integral part of the iconic weapon system of the Crusader.

This is this first time that a Y rack system is modeled for a RC Crusader and designed to fly. Our Y rack was CNC designed from the Vought blueprints and feature the proper angles and rails positions.



The racks are designed to be mounted on the side of the fuselage with 3 mm socket head screws. 

The sidewinders are screwed on the rails with 2.5 mm socket head screws.



This set comes with the launch rails but without the sidewinders/ zuni tubes. It contains on left Y rack, one right Y rack and 4 launch rails. The rails are left to be glued by the customer to match the required angle ordnance angle.

The rack include a carbon fiber rib and 2 hard wood point to drill and tap to the fuselage side. The rack screws are accessible from inside the fuselage.

The rails include 2 hard wood points that are used to drill and tap to the Sidewinder or Zuni mount screws. These are accessible from the outside of the ordnance.

Right unit with the rails glued

Left unit with the rails glued.