F3H-2 Demon 1/7 scale cockpit

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This is a complete SLA 3D printed ultra-scale cockpit for ur 1/7 scale F3H-2 Demon.


The cockpit is designed to be attached to the canopy. A specific glss fiber cockpit tubb has been created for this purpose. When you remove the canopy, the cockpit assembly stays attached to it.

It comes with a very detailed Martin Baker MK5 ejection seat, including stickers.


The instrument panel includes a standby compass and  approach path indicator as well as a specific clear HUD located above the glareshield. The HUD is off-centered to the left side.


The rear of the canopy is very specific on the Demon and completely detailed, including the avionics cooling vents.


A 1/7 scale 1960 fighter pilot figure is available for the cockpit and sold separately.