FT-250 jet engine

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Frank Turbine is a reputable jet engine manufacturer from Austria that has been designing turbines for 20 years.

They are at the top of innovation with unique features like carbon fiber cowling, Genx type chevron exhaust system and full Inconel internals.

The engine uses the extremely reliable Projet ECU and a specific ancillary block that houses the valves.

The ethics Frank Turbines is very simple: use the best material and processes available in Austria and Germany to produce the highest quality turbines at a reasonable price.

They are the only engines on the market featuring all Inconel internals!

All the components are designed and produced in house ( including Inconel cast components and laser welded parts), enabling a perfect mastering of the quality, reliability and efficiency of the engines. The engines thermodynamic cycle and aerodynamics have been defined and optimized on computers with CFD ( Computational flow design ) software. The engines are then CAD designed and digitally produced with state of the art German CNC machines.

 For a proper professional setup of this engine, we highly recommend following the industry's best practices detailed in our blog for fuel systems setup and heat management.

Engines features

All aluminium and steel design: no plastic parts are present on the engine except for the carbon fiber inlet cowl.

High quality dual ball bearing starter motor.

Carbon fiber inlet ( world premiere ) enabling a very high resistance, lower weight and a unique look of the engine.

Genx type chevron exhaust cone .

 The engine comes in a case with all the required accessories:





valve assembly

Ground Support Unit


Max thrust: 250 N

Idle thrust: 8 N

Max consumption: 840 ml/ min

Max RPM: 115,000 RPM

Min RPM: 30,000 RPM

Acceleration: 3-4 s

Max EGT: 650-700 c

Length: 330 mm

Diameter: 120 mm

Weight installed: 1800 grs