Gentech Hatch Latch

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This is our new line of GenTech hatch latches.

These latches, although simple, have a lot of design and thoughts into them.

First of all, the latch is optimized for a 8 mm deflection which suits most of the requirements to lock most sizes of hatch. It is available as a regular and inverted version.

The spring is a unit developed specifically by WB Jones for this product.

The hatch is laser 3D printed at 50 micron resolution for optimum precision.

It is printed from a specific carbon fiber reinforced resin ( this is a first in the industry ). The material is extremely rigid and wear resistant.

It is also optimized to be glued with CA gel and epoxy. We recommend tack gluing the latch with CA gel, then use Hysol 4090 ultra fast structural glue.




The gluing recessed holes are designed to guide the Hysol mixing tips. They are countersunk to create a rivet effect. They are also connecting to gluing grooves located on the flat side.


The latch is computed with the generative topology module in Siemens NX 12. This is also a first in the industry and ensures super light weights and optimal strength. The direct-to-print module of the software is used to ensure optimal Gcode generation.




The latch is available in 3 sizes: 38 mm, 58 mm and 108 mm and a 38 mm concealed inverted version.



This inverted version allows the latch barrel actuator can be placed away from the hatch at the customer wishes ( when operating with an antenna ). It is easy to cut the stainless steel barrel to the length required.

A short 3D printed barrel support bushing is included with the 108 mm version.




The concealed version has the lever pointing inside the model. It is terminated by a pulley that attaches to a very thin stainless steel wire. This wire can be extended up to 3 feet away from the latch to be actuated from a different location ( like an intake or another hatch or a remote antenna actuation ).





Finally, the latch is dismantable and all spare parts are available for service.

 38 mm version:



108 mm version,  which comes with a bushing:


Inverted version:



Latch body width: 13 mm

Latch body length: 38 mm

Latch body height: 10 mm

Barrel length: 38, 58 or 108 mm

Lever length: 15 mm 

Barrel retraction: 8 mm