HD servo wire clips

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This  is a set of 5 HD servo wires banks. Each bank comprises of 16 wire slots.

The clips are made from 3D printed PYCABS. A mix of ballistic grade Polycarbonate and ABS.

This material is slightly flexible and easily glued with CA gel.


The clip was CAD designed to allow easy insertion and removal of twisted HD servo wires and AWG 14 power cables like the Deans wet noodle.



The rounded nose and wire beds are 2.6 mm in diameter. This is the perfect size for large gauge servo wires.

The smooth transition curve allows easy insertion and removal.


IMG 1503 from Oli Ni on Vimeo.


The bank can be easily cut to any size and is flexible enough to conform to fuselage curves.

The clips are extra wide, which gives a large gluing surface and improve twisted cables stability when inserted.


Comes as a pack of 5 banks.