HF/ UHF/ XHF dynamic pressurization scoop

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This is a small but useful accessory available for our for 3/16", 1/4" or 5/16" ID vents. 

CAD designed to fit exactly our vent ( 5 mm, 6.8 mm or 8 mm ID ) and made of a strong clear 3D laser printed resin that is fuel resistant.


The scoop was designed to offer the same forward facing opening surface than the inner tube surface, optimizing the pressurization effect.



The scoop fits precisely inside the brass vent and is a tight fit. It does not need to be glued and can be removed to insert the taxi vent fitting, should you wish to benefit from extra taxi fuel.


 Available in HF size for 3/16"  ID, UHF size for 1/4" ID and XHF size for 5/16" ID tubes. Sold as a printed scoop only. Vent to be ordered separately.