JB-220 "The Beast"

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This engine is unique in the world: it features a certified 220N of thrust in a 160 engine form factor! No one else than Behotec has manged to achieve such a prodigious power-to-weight-to-volume ratio. Period.

Of course such a level of performance comes at a price: Behotec had to use specific aluminium alloys and shaft steel to manage this power in such a small volume while keeping the lengendary reliability of Behotec engine. This impacts on the price of the engine compared to the JB180GE for example.

Also don't forget that every engine is delivered with a set of laboratory measurements certifying the engine performance ( ie max thrust ) at ISA condition. This is unique to Behotec and BF-Turbines engines.

This engine has been extensively test flown in high density altitude and desert conditions and has proven to be fantastically reliable in these conditions. We have many customers using this engine in these environment and have not had a single problem yet.


Manufacturing philosophy:

The ethics of BF Turbines and Behotec is very simple: use the best material and processes available in Germany to produce the highest quality turbines at a reasonable price. The highest quality controls are applied to the material and machining processes insuring the highest reliability and performance to all our engines. Each engine comes with its own test bench report and data sheet.

All the components are designed and produced in house ( including Inconel cast components and laser welded parts), enabling a perfect mastering of the quality, reliability and efficiency of the engines. The engines thermodynamic cycle and aerodynamics have been defined and optimized on computers with a famous CFD ( Computational flow design ) software called ANSIS. The engines are then 

CAD designed and digitally produced with state of the art German CNC machines.


 For a proper professional setup of this engine, we highly recommend following the industry's best practices detailed in our blog for fuel systems setup and heat management.


JB-220 features:

The JB-220 is an all new engine engine from Behotec. It features the highest power to weight ratio of its category and is a worldwide winner on that matter. It features the following benefits:

All aluminium and steel design: no plastic parts are present on the engine except for the plugs.

High quality dual ball bearing starter motor.

Black anodized inlet and grey anodized engine casing, enabling a higher resistance to abrasion of these parts.

CNC machined compressor, diffuser and outer casing from aero grade aluminium billet.



Custom machined Inconel fuel sticks with stainless steel diffuser needles.




Bespoke ceramic burner with specific positioning enabling very positive and predicable starts. Inconel combustion chamber.






Patented self centering rear bearing system, including exclusive lubrication and cooling patterns keeping this area of the engine very cold.

In-house designed and produced Inconel turbine wheel and CNC machined NGV. 




Integrated temperature sensor with TGT reading ( not an EGT reading: much more predictable and precise but reads higher temperatures than an EGT  because it is located in front of the turbine wheel).







Exhaust pipe and inner cone CNC machined from billet high temperature steel, including  6 Laser welded fastening tabs (world premiere) and 12 fastening screws with a specific high tolerance seal. The new cone flange is slightly conical and is completely sealed thanks to tight toleraces and a small lip on the outer casing.





Anodized CNC machined bracket including rivnut system for easy fastening.

Unique fully anodized engine for maximum durability with a specific color scheme.

Bespoke accessories:

High flow fuel pump with specific large bore fuel lines. 

Bespoke high flow fuel valves offering 50% higher flow than standard electronic valves.

High frequency Hornet III ECU enabling very accurate engine control.  

Best fuel efficiency and power-to-weight ratio of the market.  Best price-to-thrust ratio of the market.