Mibo A-10 Gen 6 ultra bright LED light kit

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The new Mibo Gen 5.5 light kit is designed to give you the ability to operate the brightest LED lights available on the market.

As such, we recommend the use of a 3S 2000 mAh Lipo to power the unit.

The LED controller is based on the Night Fly NF-5XL unit that is modified to accept higher power output. The controller is quite big and is best placed on top of the nose gear carbon fiber box.



The unit features the following LED ( actual measured power ): 

White landing and taxi lights: 2 x 1 W LED

White top and bottom fuselage beacon lights: 2 x 2.3 W LED

White wing tip strobe lights: 2 x 2.3 W LED

Green and red wing tip position lights : 2 x 1.2 W LED

White tail position light: 1 x 1.2 W LED

All the LED are pre-installed on their heat sink and soldered to their harness.

The controller comes pre-programmed for the A-10 and ready to connect to the landing gear output ( landing light ON with the gear down and OFF with the gear up ). The system starts to work as soon as the power supply is connected to the unit.


The kit includes a set of custom light reflectors an fixtures. These have been tailored for fitting the new larger heat sinks. The new taxi light reflectors ensure a very bright and scale light beam.

The taxi lights are sequenced with a slight delay to simulate pilot's manual switching.