Mibo A-10 gen 6 extra work package stage 1.

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The extra work package is done at the factory by Mibo technicians. I includes the following:


- 40 hours of work

- all hinges and horns installed with the proper geometry set from precise templates

- all scoops and cutting in the Kevlar fuselage done 

- fuselage hatch mounted

- ladder door bay and doors mounted (closing with magnet)

- formation lights, EGS antenna and flair dispensers mounted, corresponding scale accessories fitted

- cooling intake mounted

- GAU gun mounted

- stabilizer hatch latch fitted

- wing tube sleeve fitted in the fuselage

- front canopy frame trimmed and mounted to fuselage - operating canopy system functionally mounted to fuselage including rear canopy hatch and trimmed rear canopy frame

- fowler flap hinges ready mounted on wing flaps functionally attached


This is a huge time saver as you will get the perfect flight controls geometry and mechanical advantage as well as perfect placement of ALL the scale items on the plane.


Your assembly time with the extra work package done will drop to 40 hours excluding the finishing process.