Mibo A-10 gen 6 extra work package stage 2.

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The extra work package stage 2 is done at our factory in Dubai. It adds 100 hours of work and includes the following:


- 140 hours of work

- all hinges and horns installed with the proper geometry set from precise templates

- all scoops and cutting in the Kevlar fuselage done 

- fuselage hatch mounted

- ladder door bay and doors mounted (closing with magnet)

- formation lights, EGS antenna and flair dispensers mounted, corresponding scale accessories fitted

- cooling intake mounted

- GAU gun mounted

- stabilizer hatch latch fitted

- wing tube sleeve fitted in the fuselage

- front canopy frame trimmed and mounted to fuselage - operating canopy system functionally mounted to fuselage including rear canopy hatch and trimmed rear canopy frame

- fowler flap hinges ready mounted on wing flaps functionally attached

- All controls servos are MKS 777 or Spektrum servos mounted and connected to the controls, centered ( steering and canopy servos are regular digital ones ).

- Ultimate Jets servo and gear MIL spec loom included, mounted and connected, ready to hook-up to your receiver.

- Ultra bright LED kit mounted and connected to the loom.