Mibo A-10 Gen 6 landing gear.

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This is the all new Mibo A-10 Gen 6 landing gear.

It features new high torque electric motors, bespoke forged aluminum retracts as well as servo operated electric disc brakes, rated at 25 kgs.

The main retracts has a specific Al 7075 machined wall assembly with scale extension angle and optimized mechanical advantage.

The Behotec motor is placed facing forward to enable the scale articulation of the rear main gear door.




The nose gear includes a direct drive servo steering system for ultra precise operations.




The struts are produced in-house and feature key components machined from grade 7075 aluminium.

The scale strut mockup is now molded from epoxy and accessories are included with the gear.

When this option is chosen by the customer, the gear comes completely fitted in the fuselage and wing at the factory.

The gear doors come attached at the factory as well. All the doors are driven from the resin strut mockups and set at the factory, except for the nose side door that is servo operated.

All the doors and gear cinematics are 100% scale. Slow electric gear motion replicates the real aircraft cinematics as well and is achieved through custom programming of the Behotec e-tract controller.