Mibo A-10 Warthog gen 6

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The Fairchild Republic A-10 "Warthog" is a single-seat, twin-engine, straight-wing jet aircraft developed by Fairchild-Republic in the early 1970s. This is the only United States Air Force aircraft designed solely for close air support of ground forces.

The A-10 was built to attack tanks, armored vehicles, and other ground targets with limited air defenses.

It also provides airborne forward air control, guiding other aircraft against ground targets. Aircraft used primarily in this role are designated OA-10.

With a variety of upgrades and wing replacements, the A-10's service life has been extended to 2040.

The A-10 was designed around the GAU-8 Avenger, a rotary cannon that is the airplane's primary armament and the heaviest cannon ever mounted on an aircraft. The A-10's airframe was designed for survivability, and features 1,200 pounds of armor plating.




MIBOJETS A-10 "WARTHOG" is now available as a 6th generation kit

Gen 6 is coming with a new fully electrically operated landing gear.

The latest improvements are:


  • All new and factory installed in the airframe electric gear and brakes ( if gear option purchased )
  • Gear doors installed ( if gear option purchased )
  • Operating canopy system already installed ( if purchased as an option )
  • Rudder tab already installed  
  • Elevator system already installed
  • New servo operated disc brakes

A complete description of the Gen 6 upgrade with lots of detail pictures is available on our technical blog.

A custom Ultimate Jets extremely detailed 90 pages assembly manual is available with the kit. An extract of this manual is available in the download section of this page.


The new work packages are made at the factory by the Mibo team with specific setup rigs will save you up to 350 hours of work and will ensure a perfect operations of these critical components.

Additionally, the following items are included with the basic kit. These are to be installed by the customer. Factory installation of the scale accessories is included in the extra work package listed in the accessories.


  • Scale gear struts included in the gear option
  • Pave penny pod and pylon included in the kit
  • GAU-8A scale cannon included with the kit
  • Fixed inboard slats included with the kit.
  • VHF/ AM antennas included with the kit
  • Ventral strake included with the kit
  • Cooling system intake included with the kit
  • Fuselage air scoops included with the kit
  • APU exhaust deflector and fuel vent included with the kit
  • Flair dispensers included with the kit
  • EGI/ GPS dome included with the kit
  • Formation lights included with the kit
  • Full folwer flap hinging system included with the kit
  • Cockpit detail kit now produced by PropagTeam as an option


Compared to Gen 4, the new version features the following improvements:

  • Building time divided by two/ three with the extra work package.
  • Plane fully electrically operated. No more pneumatic system on board.
  • More scale options, including a new ultra scale flight deck kit.
  • Easier and less time consuming operations at the field.
  • Less maintenance.
  • And finally a stronger structure.


From Gen 5, Mibo CAD re-worked the carbon fiber bulkhead, as well as the ribs and spars to further reduce the weight of the structure, while improving its strength.  Additionally, the wings and fuselage feature new strategic reinforcements, making this plane suitable for more powerful engine options up to 140N of thrust. Yet when equipped with our super light B-100F and no ordnance, this plane stays below the 20 kgs mark for world class scale competitions.


The full kevlar fiber fuselage includes in-mold installed carbon/Airex bulkheads and landing gear structure, making it one of most refined and achieved JWM class airplane available in the world as a kit. Stringers and carbon fiber have been added around the hatch and on the flat portion of the fuselage walls.


The wings are similarly built from an Airex/kevlar fiber sandwich skin with carbon fiber/ airex, carbon fiber/ plywood ribs and specifically designed carbon fiber spar. This keeps the weight incredibly low while conserving the legendary strength of this model. Reinforcements have been added around the landing gear mounting bulges. The internal structure now looks very close to a certain Yak 130...


The flaps are now fully fowler articulated in a 100% scale motion.



The ailerons in the moulds:


The new set of CAD designed and 3D printed scale details:



The fowler flaps installed on the prototype with the scale details fitted:



The engine nacelles are designed to house an optional sliding engine cradle that renders installation very easy.

This system is optimally suited for the B-100F where minimal connections will be made upon sliding the engine assembly.

The engine options range from the Merlin VT-80 for an ultra light weight airplane to our B100F, and of course the new B-140F that sets new standards in power-to-weight ratios and is especially well suited for the A-10.

 Gen 6 A-10 has improved the landing gear system with new high torque electrical motors, new micro servo operated disc brakes and new hydraulic chambers for the dampers. Several airframe refinements and optimizations have been introduced as well.

The expertise of Mibo in composite design and production has achieved the world highest levels and is very close to the best Russian JWM focused productions is terms of weight to volume ratio as well as overall strength. The level of scale realism of the kit is simply outstanding.


There were two Mibo A-10 present at the 2013 JWM in the hands of Martin Sannwald from Switzerland and Eduard Morbitzer from Austria and 1 at the 2015 JWM.


The best result of scale craftsmanship on a development version of our Gen. 4 kit was at TOP GUN 2008 for the team of Mike Selby & Ray Johns with:

  • Highest Static
  • Best Military
  • Best Jet
  • Best Cockpit Interior
  • Critics Choice
  • Team Scale 2nd
  • Best Jet Performance








Mibojets A-10 basic specifications

 Scale: 1: 5,8

Wingspan: 3,00 m (118 inches)

Fuselage length 2,75 m (108 inches)

Wing area 133,9 dm2 (2100 square inches)

Kit weight 19.8 kg and up depending on engine, equipment and construction

Turbines: 2 x 80N - 140N

RC functions: Rudder, elevator, ailerons, throttle, flaps, landing gear, brakes

Optional functions: opening canopy, cockpit ladder, fueling hatch, strobes and lights.



Optional accessories:

Extra work package stage 1

Extra work package stage 2

Extra work package stage 3

All new scale landing gear including custom high torque electric retracts, Al 7075 aluminium struts with hydraulic dampers and direct steering link.

Turbine installation package

scale cockpit,

Small or large Kevlar fuel cells 2,7L/ 3.2l each

canopy opening mechanism,

cockpit ladder,


pylon kit,


rotating fans,

Ultra bright LED lights,