Mibo Gen 5.5 A-10 engine MIL spec loom

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This is a new option fro the Mibo Gen 5.5 A-10.

MIL spec loom manufacture has become our specialty over the years and we developed specific processes for UAV and small vehicle.That has enabled us to offer world class looms to the industry.

We now have the ability to make reasonably priced top of the line MIL spec loom for our models. The Gen 5.5 engine loom is an illustration of this.

All the cables are crimped on our specially manufactured plugged. The engine plug features 12 connections. The loom is protected with our heat proof wrap around sleeve and consists of high quality COM cables and MIL spec PTFE/ silver wires.

The interface plugs. The pod side is on top and fuselage side at the bottom. The USC 12 is used and the flanged female plug is on the fuselage side.


The loom plugged to the engine:



The pod loom is inserted into the nacelle first. It is then connected to the fuselage.



The engine is inserted on its rails up to 5 inches from the stop. The loom is then connected to the engine.



The engine is then slid back into the pod. The loom is spring loaded to move upwards towards the nacelle skin, away from the hot parts.


The package comes with a honeycomb carbon fiber engine accessory tray, including laser 3D printed ECU, valve and pump mounts.

The fuselage loom is cut to the appropriate length to connects to the ancillaries.

The tray is positionned just in front of the main tanks. In sequence you'll find from back to front:
1. Main tanks
2. Air trap
3. fuel pump
4. Valves and ECU in parallel


Here is a picture taken from the tank hatch.

The loom is secured in the fuselage thanks to our PYCABS clips:

Here are a few statistics about the combined engine and main loom:

25.75 m of MIL spec silicon AWG 20 servo cable

274 crimp jobs done with an industrial grade Molex crimping machine

5 main MIL spec interface plug ( the USC ) including 156 gold plated 20 A HD crimping pins

10.5 m of MIL spec high temperature wrap around sleeve

19 hours of assembly work.