PEEK MIL spec harness clips

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This is a set of 5 CAD designed and 3D printed clips for our PEEK cable sleeve or wrap around sleeve. Made from MIL spec Solvay Ketaspire PEEK and designed according to the best industrial practices for heat protection.

The clips are 3D printed at a specific high temperature and post cured up to 240 degrees for 3 hours to allow PEEK to crystallize ( specific ramp and schedule).

The clips comply with MIL-STD-810G and FAR 25.853.

Service temperature: 250 degrees c.

Max temperature: 350 degrees c.

3 chamfered holes in the clip base allow for a strong gluing.



 The clip can open up widely to insert the harness, yet retain its strong spring effect thanks to the superior properties of PEEK.




This proprietary design gives the following benefits:

  • Ultra light material.
  • 50 degrees bend capacity allow easy insertion and removal of the sleeve.
  • Superior bonding capability to resin laminates with CA gel. This was one of the major design requirement and these clips outperform by far any other product on the market on that matter.
  • Large retaining area giving a very high retaining effect.
  • Very technical PEEK MIL spec look.
  • Easy to open and to lock thanks to the operating tabs
  • Two locking positions





Try this product and you will never come back to other clips again!