Rafale 1/7 scale Mk II

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We are proud to introducing this re-designed 1/7 version of Top Gun grade superscale kit based on the  Aviation Design semi kit and modified at our Houston facility.

This new kit is based on an airframe made in in Czech republic by aero certified technicians who also work on our UAVs and and flying targets like the Diamond FTT.

It is designed to be built as a full electric plane, significantly reducing the setup time at the field. This makes it the easiest super scale plane available on the market, and together with its light weight and beautiful flying characteristics offered by the B-100F option and super reliable and strong landing gear, a great Sunday flyer!



This Rafale kit was completely CAD designed from a ultra high precision ( 1/100 mm) laser 3D scan of the real airplane on Catia!

The plugs were in-house CAM milled using state-of-the-art CNC 5 axis machines to 1/10th mm tolerance. All panel lines, hatches and all the rivets were engraved in the model with CAD guidance.

As such, this version is as scale as its big 1/5 scale brother.

   The turbines and all the other components including the landing gear and servos were also integrated at the CAD design stage for a perfect match.  


The plane was designed to be powered by  a single 12 kg/ 25lbs thrust B-100F.

The tailpipe is a state-of-the-art stainless steel/ inconel  Y pipe custom made by Tamjets for us.


 Aviation Design engineers have worked with the CAD files of these engines to provide a perfect integration in the airframe and we highly recommend choosing one of this powerplant for its un-matched power-to-weight ratio and reliability. Specific inlets and ductings are included in the kit.



 The model can be ordered in 2 different versions: Rafale C single seater, Rafale B twin seater.

    The Rafale is fully molded and pre-assembled. The model comes in grey primer with all the formers CNC cut from Finnish aero grade birch plywood glued in the airframe in of the mold and all the control surfaces pre- hinged. No critical gluing is required from the customer. The fuselage is produced from glass & carbon fiber and reinforced with an internal plywood structure and a very strong gear support structure that was designed to withstand hard landings without trouble.

    The wings, canards and tail fin are produced from World Masters winning vacuumed Airex sandwich and reinforced with carbon fiber tapes in critical areas. They feature an internal plywood structure.  The main wing blade is made from aero grade AU4G. It is designed to withstand the worse abuse.  The rudder and canards are fitted with specific alloy 2028 tubes.

    The landing gear is entirely CAD designed and is produced by Behotec. The main struts are operated by the World acclaimed C-50 electrical retract. The brakes are using the brilliant C-50 electric units and are super effective, yet very smooth and easy to modulate.

The nose retract is the equally brilliant C-40R e-tract with direct servo steering.

The front strut and main struts are CNC machined from aero grade aluminium with super scale laser printed strut mock-up. They feature every single nut and bossing present on the full scale plane and a printing resolution of 50 micron allows to reproduce hex nuts of 0.6 mm size!


The strut covers are user replaceable in case of damage.




The large tires are custom produced to be exactly scale with proper diameter and width.

Note that a pneumatic version is available as well as a special order.

The 2 fuel tanks are made from kevlar fiber and offer 3.2 liters of total capacity, which allows a comfortable endurance of 10 to 12 minutes for all powerplant configurations.

The Rafale has also a large top fuselage hatch to give an excellent access to the turbine, fuel system and tailpipe. The kit comes with a full set of English building instructions and a complete pre-flight setup guidance.

The plane comes at 11 kgs ( 25 lbs ) dry and 13 kgs ( 35 lbs ) takeoff weight with the B-100F.

The model has plug in wings and tail fin.

The MkII version comes as a basic kit and the following need to be done by the user:

  • Cut and articulate the rudder.
  • Landing gear to be assembled, mounted, painted.
  • Gear doors, to be fitted, articulated with electrical actuators ( 3 Spektrum 4030 servos ).
  • Nose section to be drilled and blind nuts inserted.
  • Clear canopy to be glued, cockpit tub assembled and painted in matt black.
  • Elevon horns to be glued in position.


    The flying characteristics of this model are outstanding. Scale aerobatics are easily achieved with the recommended powerplant options as well as very low speed capability. The Rafale is really incredible in flight. It is very aerobatic with an incredible high angle of attack capacity. Flights are very realistic and impressive with the sounds of split Tamjets pipe....