Scale functional 3D printed pitot tube

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This is another industry's first from ultimate Jets.

These scale functional laser 3D printed pitot tubes are specifically designed to be used with ASSI units. They are CAD designed to customer's drawing.

They  fit our 1/8" pneumatic lines and are designed to be glued on the nose or fin of the pane.

The tube is hybrid and comprises of one 3D printed outer cover and an internal miniature brass tube.

 Comes as a set of 1 pitot tube and 3 feet of 1/8" tubing. It has to be used with our miniature static ports, as there is only one dynamic port at the end of the tube.



Diameter of the tube: 4 mm to 12 mm

Length: 7 cm to 10 cm

Fitting size: 3.2 mm

Port ID: 1 mm

Made of laser 3D printed resin and brass.