SR-71/ YF-12/ A-12 electric landing gear

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This is the super scale electric landing gear that you need for your SR-71/ YF-12/ A-12 model


The gear is CAD designed by Oli and is using our now famous hybrid 3D printing/ machining process.

The struts are completely in-house CNC machined on our Siemens milling centers to 5/100 mm precision. We are using 100% USA produced and certified Al 2024 T351 rated at 47,000 PSI yield strength and QC10 titanium alloy rated at 73,000 PSI for all the retracts components.

The hyper scale landing gear covers are laser 3D printed to 25 micron resolution and can be replaced in case of damage.


The retracts are custom designed electric High Torque units, using custom spec Mabushi motors with custom gearbox. Each gear is QC tested to lift 4 lbs at the wheels at 80% power.

The controller is our gyro assisted unit.

The mains feature 6 pneumatic brakes.

The retracts are fixed to the structure using 3 mm pre-preg carbon fiber fuse plates. These are removable to offer a quick turnaround time in case of a hard landing event.


The tires are 3D printed in a very scale light grey high abrasion resistant rubber. They are hollow but not inflated. A radial internal structure insures the stiffness of the tire. The tires are pressed against the rims and held with 6 socket head screws to avoid centrifugation.

This technology allows to save a large amount of weight on the landing gear.