Super Scorpion Mk2

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The Super Scorpion is an enlarged version of our awards winning Scorpion.



The new generation Super Scorpion is an evolution of the older model. The main differences are about the moulding technique and internals. This model is now produced at our Eastern Europe facility and features second to none quality. As a result, the model is much stronger and significantly lighter than before.




The improvements over the previous Super Scorpion are the following:

  • New moulds CNC cut with perfect joining surfaces.
  • Aero grade plywood/ liteply formers CNC cut and precisely adjusted.
  • Drilled Airex composite sandwich.



  • Airframe painted in the moulds using aero grade gel coat.
  • New Stabilizer actuation system with aluminium clamping arm, HD aluminium ball link and 4 mm threaded pushrod.
  • New stabilizer pivot tube system.
  • New live hinging technique using specific hinging nylon tapes.

The stabilizer pivot point and actuation arm were designed using CFD simulation and advanced flight control computation protocols.

Scorpion Mk2 stabilizer CFD simulation. from Oli Ni on Vimeo.


For a complete description of the flight controls servo requirements and stabilizer white paper, please refer to the download section on the upper part of this page.



The Super Scorpion has a unique shape, with its large canopy, 2 side air intakes, twin fins, anhiedral full flying stabilizers and top fuselage speed brake.
It was designed using the same airfoil as the SuperPhoenix, featuring very good low speed performance as well as very fast top end speeds at full power. However, it features gentle stall characteristics.  It is the perfect model for beginner to expert pilot.



The Scorpion features a large canopy for an easy access to remote control components, engine accessories and fuel tank.
The large fuselage hatch
also enables an excellent access to the turbine, fuel system and tailpipe.
So setting up the model at the field is very easy and the Scorpion will be your perfect Sunday flyer, featuring low maintenance and an outstanding and unique look at the field.

The fuselage hatch can be upgraded with an optional  speed brake, that is perfect for short airfield operations and gives the Scorpion a very unique look on approach.
Our landing gear is made by Behotec has been designed for grass runway operations. It features trailing link mains and is incredibly strong and reliable, as all Behotec gears.

The fuselage is in 2 parts, with plug in wings and fins for an easy transportation (very important for a Sunday flyier).
All 3
gear are mounted in the fuselage, saving you from having to plug any pneumatic line at the field.


The model is painted in the molds, all the bulkheads are glued, and all the control surfaces are hinged. No gluing is required.   


The new Behotec all electric gear and brakes is available as an option ( please call us for availability and pricing ).


The kit includes :
• High quality epoxy-glass fuselage in 2 parts painted;
• All plywood and wood parts glued;
• Epoxy glass inlets fitted;
• Fully molded wings, fins and stabs painted;
• Access hatch requiring no additional framework;
• Pre cut dorsal air brake;
• All hardware (screws, hatch latches, servo covers...);
• Aluminium joining tube;
• Assembly manual in English. 
The following options are available:

The model comes in 5 schemes :

Basic white gel coat;

• Swiss team;

• Yellow/ black;

• White/ grey/ silver;

• Blue Angels;


• Russian Scheme;


• Blue/ silver


We recommend powering the Super Scorpion with our excellent Merlin M140XBL ( 140N class ), Behotec JB-180 ( 180N class ), or the World leading "The Beast" Behotec JB-220 ( 220N class).