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This kit is an evolution of our popular Phoenix.

The Superphoenix has been designed, modified and tested over an extensive period of 4 years, through two prototypes.

It was enteerly re-designed by CAD and new molds were CNC cut for the MK2 version. Long engineering hours were spent to re-design the internals and save as much weight as possible while keeping the legendary strength of this model.



The production of this version involves lots of CAM cutting of the kit components like the servo bays, live hinging, horn slots and of course all the formers, trays and ribs. Finnish birch plywood and liteply are CNC routed and used in this plane.

It is now being produced at our Eastern  Europe facility. It is made from the World Masters winning technique: glass/airex sandwich.

This makes this plane extremely strong and really light for its size. Our Eastern Europe technicians are highly skilled and the quality of the product is second to none.

The final result is an impressive plane that features worldwide unique performance. It is the first plane on the market able to hover and to perform basic 3D maneuvers WITHOUT THRUST VECTORING and WITHOUT GYROSCOPES.

This is achieved by careful design of the venturi effect generated by the engine efflux between the boom, creating enough flow around the elevator and rudders while hovering.

The speed range on this model is also unique since it can fly from 0 mph ( hovering in front of you ) to 300 mph in a full power pass. Bear in mind that due to these exceptional performances we require the customer to fly the plane with a GPS feedback enabled system to comply with the AMA/FAA regulations, including speed and height restrictions.

The plane is also capable of flying all the standard aerobatic maneuvers and keeps its energy in a well executed snap roll. So it can fly a standard ARESTI aerobatic program.

The landing capability has been improved to push the domain where a standard tail boomer would start bouncing. This has been done by finding the correct combination of landing gear, CG, and flaps position.





Superphoenix prototype 3D demo from Oli Ni on Vimeo.



Compared to the original Phoenix, the following points have been modified:


  • Tail boom/elevator/engine placement to allow the plane to be stable and flyable with the rudders and elevator while hovering.
  • The rudders and elevator are bigger.
  • The landing gear used is the latest unit from Behotec with dual air action ( no spring/air any more ) or electric e-tract.
  • The flaps have been modified to allow a much higher deflection. They are now operated from within the rear spar.
  • The nose section has been reinforced through a better layup pattern. The nose gear mounting structured was also reinforced.



The production process involves the following:



  • New molds CNC cut with perfect molding plans
  • Aero grade plywood/ liteply formers CNC cut and precisely adjusted.
  • Drilled Airex composite sandwich.
  • Airframe painted in the molds using aero grade gel coat.
  • New Stabilizer and rudders improved for 3D flights
  • New live hinging technique using specific hinging nylon ribbon
  • The wing tube is made from a long single piece aero grade AU4G that has proven perfect reliability for over 8 years in hundred of Phoenix around the world.


    The plane can be setup as an extreme aerobatic flyer, or gentle pattern jet, with a set of instruction included in the builder manual.

    We recommend this plane in conjunction with the excellent BF-Turbines B100F, or Merlin VT-80BL


    Our new MIL spec loom will save you hours of routing electrical cables and crimping/ welding plugs. It is 100% hand made by our aero certified engineers and feature heat protection wrap around sleeve, silicon HD servo wire, our PYCABS clips and EWC 3 and 6 plugs.


    The P&P version includes a Futaba servo package ( 6 S9452, 2 S3150, 1 S3152 ) our MIL spec loom and 20 hours of building and setup time. The plane is assembled in-house in Houston by our airline certified mechanics.


    The following accessories are available as an option


    4 colors available are:


    Swiss Scheme



    Yellow/ Black



    White/ silver/ grey



    Blue Angels