Superphoenix Mk2 e-Tract landing gear set

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This is the complete electric landing gear set for our Superphoenix mk2.

It includes the retracts, struts, wheels and brakes.

This landing gear is 100% made in Germany by Behotec. It is CNC cut from high quality aluminium and is designed for grass operations.

Tyres are plain hard rubber type and handle concrete very well. This landing gear set has been successfully tested in desertic and dusty conditions.

The wheels are fitted with sealed high speed bearings.


The gear operates thanks to high torque stepped motors, giving an extreme precision of travel and very reliable stop feature.

The gear is programmed with a start step and end step.
The resolution Behotec is working at is 35mm/7600= 0,0046 mm per step or 4,6 thousands of mm. Thanks to the very accurate trunion machining, the position can be acquired very precisely. This is working extremely well and the positioning of the trunion assembly is very consistent.
The electronics has a current tripoff and timeout function as an additional safety feature.
In practice the gear always stops at the stop step ( positioning stop ) and not from current tripoff with the trunion right into the end of the groove. The menu on the GSU allows to see that. 

The brakes are electric. They work by electro-magnetic effect and are very smooth.

The gear control unit is included and features a great ergonomics for an easy setup.


For a complete description of the system, refer to the blog: