PYCABS fuel line clips

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This is a set of 5 CAD designed and CAM produced single clips for our Large Tygon ( 5/16" OD ) / Ultra Large Tygon ( 7/16" - 1/2" OD ) or medium Tygon tubes, as well as metric push-to-connect fuel tubes.

The clips are 3D printed from our industry leading new PYCABS material. 


 They are designed with a wide opening to allow an easy insertion of the tube, yet strong clipping effect.







This proprietary design gives the following benefits:

  • Ultra light material.
  • 50 degrees bend capacity allow easy insertion and removal of the sleeve.
  • Superior bonding capability to resin laminates with CA gel. This was one of the major design requirement and these clips outperform by far any other product on the market on that matter.
  • Large clipping area giving a very high retaining effect.
  • Very technical graphite/ grey look that will perfectly match your Krylon Make-it-stone internal grey finish.
  • Allows the tube to slide for easy loom adjustment.
  • Easy to clip-on remove for Tygon line.
  • These DO NOT PINCH the lines.


The clips are also compatible with our new range of push-to-connect fuel line:




Try this product and you will never come back to other clips again!