UAV 3D printed tires

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Our range of UAV 3D printed tires are made to fit our UAV wheels and attach to our carbon fiber blade struts or alloy struts.

The tires are printed on soluble support from TPU polymers and are available in two hardness: 95D shore for high temperature/ abrasive concrete or 85D shore for cold temperature/ smooth concrete/ grass operations.

For hgh speed/ high load/ industrial applications, please check our kevlar belted moulded UAV tires.

These tires have a central inner flange with holes to pass the rim screws through. This ensure excellent tire volume retention during high speed centrifugation.

The inside of the tire is printed as a bone lattice structure which density can be modified to give a different load bearing capacity. This allows to adjust for high UAV weight/ higher operating speeds.

They can also be customized on request with different wall stiffness, thread pattern and thread wear zone thickness.

The tires are available in different rim size and different outside diameter, to fit our range of UAV rims.



Available sizes:

R45-70, R45-80, R45-90 for 45 mm rim in 70 mm/ 80 mm/ 90 mm OD.

R60-90, R60-100, R60-110 for 60 mm rim in 90 mm/ 100 mm/ 110 mm OD.

R80-120, R80-135, R80-150 for 80 mm rim in 120 mm/ 135 mm/ 150 mm OD.

R110-160, R-110-180, R110-200 for 110 mm rim in 160 mm/ 180 mm/ 200 mm OD.

R160-220, R160-260, R160-300 for 160 mm rim in 220 mm/ 260 mm/ 300 mm OD.

Tires are printed on request. Please contact us for pricing and lead times.

Intermediate sizes can custom CAD designed on request.

Price is per tire.