HF/ UHF rubber fuel stopper

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 The Ultra High Flow rubber fuel stopper is unique on the market in many ways.

  • It is entirely in-house CAD designed and CAM produced
  • It uses up to 4 tubes
  • These tubes are 4.8 mm or 6.4 mm ID
  • The opening size allows for super heavy clunks or dual clunk setup ( twins engine planes )
  •  It comes with a drilled glue-on aluminum crown
  • Uses a M4 socket head screw to compress the rubber core
  • Uses a 3D printed rubber core


It is the first time ever that a fuel system is using a 3D printed gasket. This is made on our high precision printers with a specific "made in the USA" fuel resistant polymer.

The aluminum parts are CNC cut on our high precision Sinumerik 804D milling machine to 4/100 mm.

We are using a certified Al 6061 T65 alloy that is ASTM B221 approved and quality traced.




The large stopper diameter allows the use of our Ultra High Flow medium or large clunks.



The fuel tubes are made of 4.8 mm ID or 6.4 mm ID to accept our 3/16" or 1/4" Viton fuel lines without restrictions.

The stopper can be plugged for all configurations thanks to its 4 holes design.

A unique feature is that it can be equipped for dual clunk configuration for twin engine aircraft, with dual saddle tank fitting ( two clunks, two vent lines to two saddle tanks ).



The UHF fuel stopper comes with a set of 3 straight tubes and 2 bent tubes, an M4 socket head screw and a 3D printed rubber core. Here is the content of one kit.





The inner core and aluminum caps come assembled.


 Here are the specifications of the flange that needs to be glued on your tank with Hysol 9462.