Ultimate Jets plumb line

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The Ultimate Jets plumb line is a custom design that we fined tuned on lots of balancing jobs and planes. It is CAD designed and precision 3D laser printed to 50 micron resolution.


It is using a very thin dacron line and a 3D printed plumb. The system is very light, yet reliable thanks to the extremely flexible line.

This allows us to use a small O shaped tacky base with a simple line length adjustment system that is very convenient for " single hand use ".













The shape and rubberized resin were carefully chosen so that it can be used as a stylus to type on small touch screen keyboards.




The plumb line is made of very thin and flexible dacron wire. This makes the unit product extremely light weight.

As a consequence, the plumb line base uses sticky tack paste to adhere to any type of surface.

The base is designed with a hole in the center so that one can see the CG mark done on the plane before transferring it vertically to the table top.


 The line height can be adjusted by pulling the extra length out without un-sticking the base. very thin rapid adjustments can be made that way.

This is a must have tool to achieve fast and dependable professional results with the CG machine.

The plumb line comes in a transparent orange rubberized laser printed resin.