Ultimate Precision Servo Bracket

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The Ultimate Precision Servo Bracket is a new product from Ultimate Jets. It is based on the Ultimate servo bracket and features a bearing system on top of the servo output shaft for a higher torsional stiffness on very demanding applications.

It is CAD designed and CAM produced. The full digital production chain enables very high levels of precision and low manufacturing tolerance.



The bracket system is produced from PYCABS. This is a new generation material 3D printed from a mix of ballistic grade PolYCarbonate and ABS. The result is an amazingly strong material that is very easy to glue.

In situ tests have proven a glue joint resistance resistance of up to 345 lbs per bracket and a torque holding capability of 2000 oz.in!

The bracket itself has an internal shear strength of 500 lbs for a lap shear torque 3500 oz.in.

 The inside of the bracket is printed with a 3D honeycomb structure. The bottom of the bracket features open honeycomb pattern with the first two layer being offset from the next ones. This provides a bullet proof epoxy adhesion from inside the part when gluing the brackets in the model.


Additionally the bracket can be very easily bolted vertically for wing assemblies.


Here is a view of the 3D honeycomb structure:



3d honeycomb JR 8711 servo bracket printing. from Oli Ni on Vimeo.



Each bracket is custom designed for a specific type of servo and fits within 0.2 mm. This ensures an amazing level of rigidity of the assembly.

Furthermore, the bracket is designed with the maximum side area in contact with the servo for a very large clamping effect. The clamping surface is up to 300% larger than competitor brackets. This ensures minimal servo casing wrapping under extreme loads and maximum effort transfer to the support surface.

The servo is fastened by sliding downwards in the brackets and is secured with 4 ultra large #6 sheet metal socket head screws. The socket head enables very strong screwing torque with an Allen key.


This is the first time in the industry that this type of fasteners is used for high torque servo application. The large diameter of the #6 screws ensure a minimum clearance in the servo tabs holes. The resulting fastening effect is phenomenal.

The brackets feature a complete wrap-around structure, clamping the servo longitudinally. One set of prongs at the front of the servo ( when seen laying on its side as on the picture above ) is also assuring a tight clamping of the later. This ensures additional rotational securing around the vertical axis.

An aero grade Japan made double shielded stainless steel ABEC 5 bearing is hot encased to ensure a third point of rotation on the servo.




The bearing inner rack is matched to a specific machined stainless steel socket head screw that secures the servo spline and ensures a complete rigidity of the rotation axis.



Additionally, a set of 4 bolt-through holes are made across the vertical structure of the bracket and enable vertical fastening for those who have no lateral access to the servo ( typically for wing setups ).



The UPSB are available initially in JR standard "L" size ( JR 8711, 8911, 8921, 8411 types ), standard size "U" ( MP-80 and above, MPH-81 and above ), Futaba "standard size +" in 21 by 40.5 ( S 9075SB, S 9353HV, BLS series ), and Futaba "standard size" in 20 by 40 ( S 9452, S9156, S3152 ).

One bracket kit comprises of the PYCABS system with its bearing, 4 sheet metal screws in #6 size or #4 size for micro servos and two washers for the upper screws.




Note that the UPSB can be custom designed for any type of servo on request. For this purpose, please provide us with the dimensions of your servo taken with a vernier caliper to 0.2 mm accuracy.