Ultimate Servo Connector

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This is our market leading MIL spec plugs that have been carefully designed to answer the problem of connecting multiple high torque digital servos, electric gear and LEDs through one connector.

We have been offering this product to the Hobby and UAV market for over 5 years and have a large customer base and technical feedback for it.

It features an ultra high surface copper gold plated pin system that will sustain 15 A continuous at 8V and 20 A burst for 5 seconds per pin.

The USC connector features a gold plated surface that is 10 times larger than a standard 0.1" pin, with a much higher quality and thicker gold plating surface, to twice the thickness of regular pins, allowing a very high number of connection/ disconnection cycles and low electrical resistance in all vibration modes.

The crimping tabs are dimensioned for cables of 22 to 19 AWG and were specified to be compatible with our universal ratchet crimp tool or our Pro Crimp tool.

The housings are carbon fiber reinforced PEEK, melting point rated at 350 degrees C ( MIL-STD-202 ). This plug exceeds the heat resistance characteristics of our MIL spec heat protecting wrap around sleeve.

The flange mounting female housing has 2 convenient tabs to fasten it on the side of the fuselage.

The male plug is polarized and clips in position.


20 ways plug without the pins ( 42 mm x 12 mm ):


16 ways plug ( 35 mm x 12 mm ):



12 way plug ( 28 mm x 12 mm ):



10 way plug:


8 way plug:


6 way plug:


Here is a video demonstration of the housing operations:

Ultimate Servo Plug demonstration. from Oli Ni on Vimeo.


Here is a video demonstration of the heat resistance of the plug at 480 F/ 250 c:

Ultimate Servo Connector heat resistance test. from Oli Ni on Vimeo.

An USC connector finished with our aero adhesive heat shrink and high temperature wrap around sleeve.




Each plug set is sold with a male housing, female housing, corresponding number of female pins and male pins plus one extra pin of each.

Pins can be sold separately on customer's request and are available in the drop down menu. A pin extractor tool is also available below.



Complies to MIL-STD-202

Rated for 5000 connection/ disconnection cycles.

Temperature rising@15A per pin: 20c for continuous use at 8V.