Ultra thin 1/16" Diamond point titanium coated carbide miniature rotary set for Dremel

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This is a set of 3 diamond point ultra thin 1/16 " rotaries designed to machine hard composite laminates.

They have a very sharp and aggressive corn tooth cut. A slight left hand flute pattern is made in the teeth to reduce the pulling action, giving a much better operator control ( the tool wants to "push" the surface away and counterbalances the weight of the Dremel tool, giving a neutral feel while cutting ).

These are 100% made in the U.S.A from the highest quality tungsten carbide. They are titanium oxyde coated and precision cut to our requirements by one of the best machining tool manufacturer.

Manufactured to our requirements to cut through woods,  kevlar fiber, carbon fiber and glass fiber laminates. 

The shank is 3.2 mm or 1/8" diameter. The cutting end is 1/16" and designed for Dremel type drives. Includes 2 straight flute types ( left on the picture ) and 1 taper type ( right on the picture ).