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The Ultimate Receiver!!!


The Smart 8-23 ULRS receiver is the most integrated and sophisticated receiver on the market.



This product is based on the Smart 8, used by hundreds of modellers around the world and has proven the highest levels of reliability and performance for five years and thousands of operating hours.



This receiver is extremely light ( 15 grs/ 0.53 oz !!!!) and compact ( 2.5" x 1" x 0.7" ), yet offers the following:

Up to 23 servo output ( 8 or 7 PWM, 16 serial )

2 Fully parallel RF circuitry, each using one Ultra Long Range hemispheric patch antenna

Telemetry port

1 optional integrated gyro

High current capacity through our MIL spec serial harness ( up to 20 A peak current ).

Full programmable receiver through the BAT transmitter ( the model program is stored in the receiver with all the mixers, ATV, servo centers...)


This is the first time that a 0.5 oz receiver offers 23 fully programmable and independent servo outputs and two Ultra Long Rang patch antennas, an optional integrated gyro and telemetry port!


The serial output of the receiver, when activated, enables to connect servo through three type of protocols: Sum Signal, SRXL Multiplex, SRXL Weatronic. Up to 16 servos can be connected and programmed through the BAT transmitter.


Our experience in MIL and aerospace harnesses (UAV ) was used to create a unique high current solution to plug up to 16 digital servo on one serial loop using Kirschoff's law. The UHCL ( Ultimate High Current Loom ) is designed with our range of MIL spec connectors ( USC 3 plug ) and cables ( silver core PTFE coated wire ).

An EMS 100 ( Emcotec MPX compatible high quality power plug ) allows direct plugging of a Lipo 2S battery that feed the serial loom directly as well as the receiver. A second battery can be plugged to port 8 of the receiver via a Y lead. The picture below shows the EMS 100 plug as well as master USC 3 femal plug on the receiver.


This allows for a very high reliability and power acceptance. One of the big problem with serial harnesses is that if one component fails, all the servos downstream the component will lose their functionality. To avoid this problem, we are using our industry leading USC 3 ( Ultimate Servo Connector 3 ) which feature a super strong clip-on system ( the plug cannot disconnect once clipped ) and extremely resilient high current gold plated connectors ( tested under 50 Gs of vibration and certified for 5000 connect/ disconnect cycles ).

A small serial board is being designed now. It will use two female USC 3 welded sockets, one servo output and one programming port output. You will be able to connect the board where you want in the model, using different length UHCL harness extensions. The programming port will be used to assign the servo number in the serial sequence with the USB upgrade dongle.

The UHCL extensions are available in the following lengths: 40 cm ( 15" ), 80 cm ( 30" ), 120 cm ( 45" ), 160 cm ( 60 " ) and 200 cm ( 75" ) and the following section: 14 AWG and 20 AWG. Custom lenghts can be built on request.

The 14 AWG extension must be used at the beginning of the serial loom, whereas the 20 AWG can be used at the end of the loom.

The maximum servo power that be assigned to the loom is as followed:

Servo 1 to 5: 400 oz.in ( 2 A continuous per servo at peak power )

Servo 6 to 16: 200 oz.in ( 1 A continuous per servo at peak power )

So, our system allows for 5 high torque digital servos and 10 medium torque. 


The Smart 8-23 ULRS receiver also features the ability to accept our Ultra Long Range patch antennas ( thhe ones used on the transmitter ). These antennas boost the range of the receiver up to 5 km/ 3 Mi and most importantly, offer a near omnidirectional reception diagram. That means that the placement of the antenna is a lot less critical as there is no dead zone with this technology.


Also, because of the female SMA connector offered, very thin adhesive foil antennas can be used with this receiver, for carbon fiber or Flite Metal/ metalized fuselages, and glued on the outer side of the model skin.

The other features of that system is the Weatronic truly redundant intelligent frequency hopping algorythm it is using. The transmitter modules and receivers are operating with 2 completely independent transmitting and receiving systems that are constantly scanning the band and updating their data for maximum radio reception.


Why intelligent frequency hopping system?


Because the Weatronic system makes maximum use of the 80 channels allocated in the 2.4 GHz band. It scans the band at a rate of 100 times per second. The system then automatically chooses open channels to hop to. It will not hop to an occupied channel in the 2.4 Ghz band. This feature will offer you an unmatched RF link robustness for your model.



The range obtained with the Smart 8 is over 5 km or 3 Mi.


Then several features make this system unique:

1. A World unique RF link diagnostic tool and quality database characterising thousands of flights and flight hours to enable you to compare your results from day to day, models to models and with other modellers/ types of model. This tool is so precise that it will enable you to see a drop of 1% in the RF link quality and it will enable you to optimize your antenna placement in the model.


2. Our Ultimate Log software will enable you to characterize the antenna reception field and choose the best antenna positioning thanks to its unique 3D data presentation.

3.  Each receiver output can be completely custom programmed with a very clear graphic interface, including travel, curve, reverse, gyro assignment ( when available ), failsafe position, servo pulse rate, speed and much more.

4. Every receiver has a full telemetry capability including voice readback in English language that is fully programmable from your BAT transmitter. All the data is recorded on the radio and can be live viewed on a laptop with our industry lead Ultimate Log Reader.

5. A full range of telemetry sensors is available, including GPS  module, pitot tube, temperature sensors, RPM meter, current sensors, glider module with variometer, ECU interface via our ASSI system...

6. 100% made in Germany from the highest quality aerospace grade components by specialists of microwave transmission systems.






Smart 8-23 features:

  • up to 23  servos output ( 8 PWM or 7 PWM + 16 serial )
  • 1 Gyro available as an option
  • External GPS availability
  • compatible with all Telemetry sensors
  • 2 patch antennas
  • simple, individually programmable channels
  • firmware upgradeable,

Technical data:

  • transmission: adaptive frequency operation (principle)
  • hopping frequencies: 80
  • hopping speed: 100 Hz
  • operating distance: > 5.000m / > 3 mi
  • antennas: 2 screw type Ultra Long Range patch antennas
  • telemetry transmitting power: 20 dBm (100 mW)
  • inputs: 1 x for telemetry chain
  • status indicators: 2 LED on the housing
  • operating voltage: 4.0  – 10.0 Volt
  • current load up to 5 A DC per side, up to 20 A with our UHCL system
  • temperature range: -10 °C to +60 °C / 14 °F to +140 °F (non condensing)
  • dimensions: 62,5 x 25,3 x 17,1 mm ( 1.5" x 1" x 0.7" )
  • weight: 15 grs/ 0.53 oz



The receiver with SMA connectors

A pair of clip-on coax antennas

A binding jumper

Requires a pair of patch antennas to benefit from the ULR capability.